Notes from the Conference Chair – Peter #1


I’ve never written a blog before. Yes, a Shehechyanu moment. I just learned this week how to interface with a wiki. Very cool. Steep learning curve, but I think it’s like driving. Once you learn, you don’t forget.


Hi. I’m Peter Eckstein, and I’m the conference chair for CAJE 32. Back in 1994 I went to my first CAJE. I won’t say where it was. Let’s see if any of you can figure that out. And then you can add it as a comment to this blog. You are not allowed to look in the program book!!

Anyway – welcome to the 21st century. I don’t mean to be obnoxious but the point of C32 (that’s what I’ve been calling it for about 1.5 years) is to thrust us into a world that speaks to our students. We need to learn the same language.

Wiki. Web 2.0. Blogosphere. Email seems to have become passé. At least that’s what my daughters say. Now it’s facebook and myspace. What do we do with this technology? How do we create a connection with Judaism that speaks the language of those who come after us?

CAJE 32 is designed to open doors to provide the tools to help you find answers to these questions. Or start to, anyway.

This is a work in progress: This blog and this site and this conference. It doesn’t end on Thursday, August 9th. We can and must continue the conversation. How? Well, I guess you’ll need to keep reading over the next week or so to find out!

Until my next entry, L’hitra’ot.




2 Responses to “Notes from the Conference Chair – Peter #1”

  1. miriamtbt Says:

    Gotcha, Peter. CAJE in ’94 was in Indiana! It was a memorable one for me. I roomed with someone who liked 60 degrees in our dorm room. I had to buy sweats at the campus store! There was a beautiful little forest on campus – remember that??

    Looking forward to seeing you later this week – hope you’ll pop in at our congregational schools pre-conference (when you’re not taking care of things in the office).

    Can’t wait to see everyone!
    Miriam Van Raalte

  2. givingarts Says:

    It’s exciting to see the CAJE 32 blog and all of the efforts to create an open space for sharing and learning. I look forward to seeing you and all of the participants in St. Louis.

    Michele Lifshen Reing
    EXPO: Booth 48
    PRESENTER: A Collaborative Creative Arts Approach to Teaching Social Action and Tikkun Olam. Wednesday, 2-3:15PM
    INSTIGATOR: CAJE 32 Tzedaka Challenge for Darfur (see blog)

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