From the President – #3


It’s hard to believe it is already Wednesday! I hope each one of you has enjoyed 3 days of amazing study – days and nights of learning, of engaging, and of wrestling with the questions that Peter Eckstein, Iris Schwartz and their amazing conference team laid out for you, as well as questions of your own.

As a people, we are never seem to lack questions, so I have some for you.

  • What has been your greatest insight this week?
  • What will you take home and share with others?  
  • What will be shared with students? With colleagues? With parents?
  • What have you determined you will do differently as a result of the learning you did this week?
  • What will you want to continue to explore AND how can CAJE support you as you continue to study?

I am so sorry to have missed the experience that so many of you enjoyed (despite the heat).  Please sign into Word Press and add your thoughts so that I, and the over 1300 other members of the Coalition who are not there will learn from you. And, most importantly, share your thoughts so that the Coalition, your professional organization, can continue to support you and your professional growth.

I look forard to learning from you now and with you in the future.  Please stay involved with CAJE; share your successes, your ideas, and your questions so that we can, together, support the growth of a vibrant Jewish future.




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